Star Valley Outfitters

Star Valley Outfitters is one of Wyoming’s premiere outfitting destinations, offering elk, mule deer, bear and moose hunting for rifle or archery, all from the same camp. If you’re looking to journey on a hunt of a lifetime, you’ve come to the right place. Being immersed in the backcountry, saddled up on your trusty horse, and getting an opportunity to hunt some of Wyoming’s top trophies. This experience will be one you’ll reminisce about for years to come. We are confident that you will be pleased with our level of experience, quality of animals, service, and hospitality.



  • One of the most breathtaking hunts I’ve ever been on
  • An amazing high country experience
  • You made my dream hunt a reality, thank you.



The elk bugles echo, flowing through the mountains like the life’s blood of the Rockies. Mule deer & elk flock to the meadows, and the hunt is on.

Archery Elk
$ /month
6 Day | 1 on 1
  • Sept 1st to Sept 6th
  • Sept 8th to Sept 13th
Rifle Mule Deer
$ /month
5 Day | 2 on 1
  • Sept 15th to 19th
  • Sept 21st to 25th
Rifle Deer and Elk COMBO
$ /month
6 Day | 2 on 1
  • Sept 26th to Oct 1st
  • Oct 2nd to Oct 7th
Rifle Elk
$ /month
6 Day | 2 on 1
  • Oct 9th to Oct 14th
  • Oct 16th to Oct 21st
  • Oct 23rd to Oct 27th
$ /month
6 Day | 2 on 1
  • During Season
Black Bear
$ /month
6 Day | 2 on 1
  • During Season

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